Review by: Kami

The Plot:
A tale about jealousy, abuse of power, the class struggle and wanting more than you really need this no budget twisted tale of Gerald and Molly – grocery store owners, voodoo practitioners, cannibal killers is painful at times to watch but well worth working through.  In a seedy, run down part of town, this bizarre couple fight the class struggle against the snobs up the rich end of town and the scum in their own area by slapping dead people in their chocolates and their burgers, adding a touch of black magic to the mix and watching the gory results.  Enter Bree, spoilt brat from the paid up side of the road who is addicted to drugs, fun, cocaine and Gerald’s blood chocolates.  When she gets bloodily and brutally killed by her boyfriend (after he kills her family!) things start to get messy. Bree’s friends Lea and Del start separate investigations, trying to find out what has happened.  Lea is also helping new boy Tyler try and find his runaway sister.  He doesn’t realise that Gerald’s already added her to his menu!  He’ll find out though!  When Gerald offers Tyler a “wish burger” you can pretty much guess what is going to happen.  Del meanwhile is off on her own psychotic trip and it all gets pretty damn messy!  

The Video:
Screener so can’t make too much of a comment but it was clean and clear and worked.  What more do you need?

The Audio:
Being a screener their is really no need to comment on the audio or video quality. But surprisingly director Nolan Ball did manage to send in a advance screener with a 5.1 digital surround sound, which was way above average to other screener's we are use to getting in.

The Extras:
No comment really, the screener came only with a 2 minute trailer.

Final Thought:
With a nice nod to Motel Hell and The Monkey Paw this isn’t a bad story at all.  Unfortunately the acting, other than Edward Young (Gerald) and Colleen Cohan’s  (Molly) fine performances, is pretty much what you’d expect.  Still if you hang in there you will be rewarded with a gut slamming, old school bloodfest with intestines, blood, gore and bad jokes flowing freely in the last twenty minutes or so.