Directed by: Bryan Roberts
Review by: Phil Allely

Released by Untold Horror
Running Time: 78 minutes
Rating: NR
Color format: Color
Audio/Subtitles: English
Region Code: 1, NTSC
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
16:9 Enhanced: Yes
Special Features: trailer
Trailer Online: No

THE GREEN MONSTER is a camp variation of the always popular low budget type of horror films. Telling the story of storekeepers Gerald and Molly, a weird pair who both love and hate each other in equal measure. Our pretty bizarre couple also dabble in a little black magic and some sinister sidelines in meat-based produce.

As I said this is a film with a slightly comic edge, so whilst there are moments of blood, guts and other tame-ish scary incidents, there is an underlying level of humour to enjoy also. The story here is that Gerald has a penchant for young girls and has also got a few hooked on some chocolate he makes using a very special blood red ingredient, can you guess what that might be? This and other food he and Molly make prove to be addictive and also lead to some very odd side effects as well.

As more kids go missing (becoming pie/burger filling) a few worried teenagers begin to suspect the not so normal convenience store owners and go about getting evidence, as the bodies pile up and the store dumpsters pile up the fun really begins for us the viewer. It’s interesting to find a film that uses it low budget and rough acting skills to its benefit, these things actually make it a far better watch, than if it was all gloss and polished performances.

Now as this is a take on the standard teens get stalked/slashed and disposed off, there are some brief sex scenes, a few good looking young ladies to ogle and of course plenty of blood to shy away from. The movie itself moves along at a pretty rapid pace, the short run time of less than 80 mins assures that there really is no real time to waste a scene or leave anything storyline wise to chance, we get bombarded with the story pre-credit and it just keeps going until the nice little twist ending and the end credits roll.

THE GREEN MONSTER is a pretty good stab (pardon the pun) at making a 1980s old-school horror now, the ideas are interesting, the gore levels are about right and the story has enough going on to keep you watching. Where else can you get everything from rape and murder to home invasion, drug dealers and zombie flesh eaters all in less than 90 minutes?