Directed by: Nolan Ball, Bryan Roberts

Edward X. Young (Sea of Dust)
Colleen Cohan (Hate's Haunted Slay Ride)
Beatrice Strobl
Kachina Dechert

Supplied By : Untold Horror Prodctions

Film Reviewed By : Rick L. Blalock

Date Reviewed : March. 1, 2010

THE GREEN MONSTER is a return to 80’s style slashers in the vein of MOTEL HELL and BLOOD DINER. It tells the story of Gerald and Molly, husband and wife owners of a downtrodden convenience store who employ equal parts dark magic and down home cooking to attract the reckless teenagers who like to use their business as a haven for illegal activities. When some local teens go missing, all signs point to the couple’s uniquely Southern recipes and the dumpster out back overflowing with dead bodies!

Imagine a world where scars and scrapes would heal, with the simple task of eating a great tasting chocolate, or better yet, having any wish granted by eating a great tasting hamburger. Well, this is just the type of world in which the story of THE GREEN MONSTER presents. The story focuses on a road-side country convenience store, owned and operated by a literal odd couple, Gerald and Molly. The store my seemingly be located in the middle of nowhere, but the place offers many specialties that really garner attention from those who stop by. From hamburgers and chocolates, they all have a taste that causes an addiction, but the thing in which the people that eat them, don't know is that they all have two major ingredients, those being a little black magic and some human flesh. To get the most prime ingredient for their snacks, Gerald and Molly both participate in the hacking up of young innocents oe just about anyone they can get their hands on, and when the meat is prepared, there is but only one place, in which the remaining bits go, the big dumpster out back, that the two affectionately call, the "Green Monster". In the film, a young girl by the name of Bree, who is a bit high-strung to begin with, becomes hooked on Gerald's prized chocolates, when she discovers that they are capable of healing any blemish that she my have - the sweets have he believing that she can remain flawless forever. After introducing her friends Dei and Leah to Gerald, and picking up her latest stash, Bree returns home to find both of her parents slaughtered, before being brutally beaten in an attack. As it turns out, Bree wasn't that innocent as a disagreement with a couple of the schools drug dealers lead to this attack. With no more of the miracle sweets, a bloodied and disfigered Bree calls on Gerald, but Gerald isn't that kind of guy, because instead of helping, he makes his one time customer, he and Molly's latest capture. The disappearance of Bree causes concern among her two best friends, more importantly Leah, who along with the new boy next door, Tyler(whose sister, Amanda, is also missing), go in search for answers. This is of course when all of the ghastly activities of married couple, Gerald and Molly, are uncovered.

Just by reading the plot of THE GREEN MONSTER, one could probably relate it to films such as MOTEL HELL and BLOOD DINER. To me, the comparison to MOTEL HELL is obviously more apparent, as our two main characters, Gerald and Molly, choose to make the foods in which they sell out of people in which they kill(and of course, not eaten yet, themselves). In MOTEL HELL, we see Farmer Vincent and his cousin Ida, abduct folks from all walks of life - only to harvest them in Vincent' "garden". They would later dig them up and some of their parts would become part of "Farmer Vincent's Fritters", smoked "beef" snacks that has the whole town a buzz. The Green monster is eerily similar in that Gerald is the primary maker of a variety of many different concoctions made from human meat. But there is a point in which THE GREEN MONSTER varies from the aforementioned cult favorite, in that the element of black magic is involved. There is part of the story added in that makes this strange fellow, Gerald, some kind of wayward guru of black magic. Think that this is a very cool thing to add to the story, because, we see that Gerald is able to curse the foods and have them do something to the customer's liking, thus giving a reason for the said customer]s to buy the products for other reasons, beside the fact that they're delicious. In MOTEL HELL, we get no other explanation as to why the fritters are so popular, other than that they taste good, so it's good to see that THE GREEN MONSTER puts forth an effort to try to be original.

THE GREEN MONSTER, in all fairness, is a great time, it has a nice story driven by a cool idea, 2 villains that are both quirky and fun to watch, and also of course many scenes of gore. But technically it is a bit of the low end when speaking about budget, as it's cast is relatively small and it makes room for the many flaws that it has due to the budget allowed. From the very first scene, we are introduced to the film's CGI effects that are below average, when a girl gives birth to a baby(that was obviously CGI) in the restroom of the convenience store. And from here, we eventually go on to see many more gore scenes that have been enhanced by they same shoddy effects. But as bad as these things may look at times, for those whom are willing to look past the cheesiness that is these effects it truly is not so bad. Another thing that one must look over is the film's acting. Among this small cast are actors of many different experience levels, so the cast performance as a whole, is a little bit of an up and down job. Although the film was shot in Massachusetts. it's obvious that the film is supposed to be set in a town a bit further south, as everyone has heave pseudo southern drawls. The thing is here, is that absolutely no one sounds authentic when it come to their accent, rendering them a bit cartoony. But with this said, despite no one truly standing out from the crowd, at least no one is to the level of being so annoying that it takes away from, or distracts you from the film.

On the technical side of things, the film's 2 Director's Bryan Roberts and Nolan Ball has made a film that looks quite good for it's budget, it flows nicely, with brisk pacing, and employs camera work that is just not your typical, lazy, "point and shoot" method. At least the two weren't afraid to accomplish something on their budget, rather than just letting their budget limit them. The one thing that I found to have the biggest problem with was that THE GREEN MONSTER] has just a bit too much going on at one time. We have the facts that Gerald and Molly are a couple whom enjoy a little cannibalism themselves, of course the food that the make, as well as the Green Monster out back that serves as a proverbial dumping pot for the couple. While we might have got a good enough explanation about the foods in which Gerald sells out of the store, the other two sub-plots, to me, are hardly explored as much as they should have been, especially in the case of the Green Monster. As it is displayed in the film, it's only purpose is to house body parts, but with film's title and tag line reading "If the customers don't eat you, THE GREEN MONSTER will!", I expected the green dumpster to have a much bigger involvement in the film, than it does. I was actually waiting for a part in which the green dumpster would come alive, much like one of those old Creature Features, but that didn't happen.

All in all, a fun time is to be had watching Ball and Roberts' THE GREEN MONSTER, despite it's inevitable flaws that come with it's budget.

4.5/10 In the film, there are a variety of things. To name a few; a bloody birthing, severed limbs, an impalement, a stabbing and a few fingers blown off, via gun blasts.

3.5/10 The score/soundtrack here is one that was ok, to it was quite the typical blend of suspense filled bangs, and breezy, upbeat pop tunes.

No, THE GREEN MONSTER is not a film about the famed wall in Boston's Fenway Park, but, nonetheless it's a pretty fun Horror movie at times, that's in the vein of a slasher flick from the 80s. It's really familiar in plot, over the top, but if nothing else it's fun way to kill some of that excess time that you may have on your hands. To be honest, I have seen far worse than this, as THE GREEN MONSTER turned out to be a lot better than I expected.