THE GREEN MONSTER is a return to 80’s style slashers in the vein of MOTEL HELL and BLOOD DINER. It tells the story of Gerald (Edward X. Young) and Molly (Colleen Cohan), husband and wife owners of a downtrodden convenience store who employ equal parts dark magic and down home cooking to attract the reckless teenagers who like to use their business as a haven for illegal activities.
When some local teens go missing, all signs point to the couple’s uniquely Southern recipes and the dumpster out back overflowing with dead bodies!
A campy horror flick that goes to show if the food don’t kill you...THE GREEN MONSTER will

Very good and suitable for the movie, i particular thought Edward Young was good as the lead villain.

Fingers shot off, hand cut with skill saw, a girl gives herself an abortion, a knife shove down someone mouth, a random organ is chewed on, and someone is shot in the facce

Sex & Nudity:
Man butt during a rape.

Final Thoughts:
While its a generic storyline of backwoods folk getting revenge on rich kids, it remains interesting throughout, and although not exactly a "gore" movie, it has some solid gore sequence. Well written and acted, and I liked the fact that one of the main female leads (who is a teenager) was not a skinny model looking girls, and looked like an average everyday high school student, that is something rarely seen in a horror movie, unless its meant for comedic purposes, which it certainly isn't in this case. Good low budget movie worth a viewing.

Overall Rating: